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Staging Ideas When Selling Your Home

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One of the fastest growing real estate considerations in America today is something called “staging” your house, meaning furnishing, decorating, outdoor clean-ups and ultimately arranging homes in such a way to attract increased buyer interest.

Outdoor staging

A recent national survey indicated that staged homes sold on average in 13.8 days, while non-staged homes sold in 30.9 days. Because your home is competing with other nearby comparable listings, staging your home is important for getting the best price when you sell. Here are some outdoor staging tips to optimize your curb appeal, give you a competitive edge vs other homes for sale in your area, and sell your home quickly.

Ensure your flowerbeds are turned, weed free, and properly edged. All hedges should be evenly trimmed and the lawn regularly maintained. It’s a clear indication that you are a conscientious homeowner and that you value your home’s appearance. If you’re not into gardening, paying for a quick landscaping job might be well worth the investment.
Check to make sure all outdoor lighting is in good working order. Consider leaving them on slightly longer than normal to encourage potential ‘drive-by’ viewings from interested buyers during the evening hours.
Ensure your front entryway is presentable. A great exterior accent piece is a freshly painted front door, which, when combined with a few seasonal potted plants, will create a more welcoming entranceway for prospective buyers.
Polish the front doorknob or handle and replace a dented or tarnished mailbox. Make sure your home address numbers can be easily seen from the street to facilitate potential viewings.
Check if your aluminum siding or brickwork needs washing or your gutters need cleaning. If dead leaves are spilling over from your eaves troughs, buyers tend to get a negative impression.
If you have a wood deck, make sure the stain or paint looks fresh. Good-looking patio furniture will contribute to the look of the backyard. If yours looks slightly run down, consider purchasing a new set – something you can take with you when you move.
Clean up yard clutter and put away the kids’ outdoor toys to help enhance the size of your yard.
Ask your Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agent to review the outdoor space and make suggestions that will enhance your home’s appearance