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The Importance Of Staging Your Home

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“My house doesn’t need to be staged to sell” might come to your mind when you are listing your home.

Oftentimes, you are absolutely right. Pretty much every house will sell sooner or later. However, even if conditions are perfect and your house sells quickly, you may have been able to increase the selling price with proper staging.

So what exactly do home stagers do? A home stager is similar to an interior decorator – with expertise in planning and choosing colors, fabrics, and furniture, and arranging them all in a way that makes your home look its best. A good home stager brings a few extra things. The focus is not on creating a home that matches your taste and need, but instead on making your home appeal to a range of tastes. The purpose of staging is to present the home to the buyers in the best possible light and to help people fall in love with your place.

Your first showing is probably not an Open House on a Sunday noon, in the Internet’s age the first showing is long before the potential buyers arrive at your doorstep. The listing photos of your property, along with the description and all the listing data, make the difference whether your home matches the buyers imagination of their future dream home or not. Accordingly, you will be placed on the “want-to-see-in-person” or “do-not-see” list. This is why staging your home before taking the listing photos is so important!

Your house needs to stand out from all the competition, and great photography can absolutely help with this.

Furthermore, staging makes it easy for a potential buyer to imagine how they will live in the property and it might suggest the lifestyle that the buyer will aspire to. If you give people the feeling of “this is it, I could imagine to live here”, you are about to receive an offer on your home.

Statistics have shown that professionally staged homes sell on a conservative average for 8-10% more (*see link below). If your home sold for 800K unstaged it probably would have sold for about 864K staged.

It’s up to you which way you want to go, but home staging can certainly make the difference between a standard listing and an exclusive one.